Infections all around.

5 03 2012

I’ve been feeling bad for quite some time now, so about 3 1/2 weeks ago, I went to the doctor, looking for some answers. She drew my blood to test my liver levels, kidneys, thyroid, and for anemia. Results? None of the above. Everything was ok with liver, kidney, and thyroid, and I wasn’t anemic. So what was wrong?  

A bacterial infection. A bad bacterial infection. Treatment: a week of Bactrium, an antibiotic, and then come back on Friday 3/9 for more blood work to make sure it’s gone.  

Good news: I feel SO SO much better.


The day before I found out about my bacterial infection, Stephen got a bump on his noggin.  We waited a few days to see what would happen and it just grew bigger, redder, and bloodier/pussier. YUCK. It was SO gross.  So on Wednesday of last week, his mom, co-workers, and I convinced him to go to the doctor who said he had…wait for it…a Strep infection on his head. Strep. As in Strep throat, but on his head. Strep Head.  I had no idea that you could get strep any place other than your throat, but, according to the doctor, you can get strep anywhere.  Treatment: a week of Bactrium. Hah. We got put on the same antibiotic.

Good news: It’s almost gone & doesn’t hurt him anymore.


Praising God for healing.