Day Nine: Top Five People You’d Like To Kill

9 01 2012

Top Five People I’d like to kill? Wow, creator of the top 5 challenge. Umm, I don’t want to kill anybody.  There’s people (celebrities) that I’d like to kill their bad habits and have them come back as sane, sober people again. 

So, lets do that, then:

Top 5  3 Celebrities who Need to Kill their Bad Habits. 🙂 

1. Charlie Sheen. My birthday buddy. Yes, I share a birthday with Charlie Sheen. And for some reason that makes me love him.  Even though he’s had his share of troubles, I still love the man. Two and a Half Men just isn’t the same without “Uncle Charlie.”

2. Lindsay Lohan. That poor girl. She sure has made a mess of her life.  We did a lesson in Sunday School yesterday talking about money and finances.  According to the KNOWN curriculum, Lindsay Lohan has spent $70,000 on hair and tanning supplies. Seventy THOUSAND dollars! On hair and tanning. IN-SANE. Not to mention her drug/alcohol/playboy cover issues. I used to love love love every movie with her in it. 

3. NBA players. Greedy greedy greedy. 

I can’t think of other celebrities off the top of my head and honestly don’t really care enough to search for celebrities with bad habits. 


The truth is, we ALL have bad habits, even me. Maybe people would say their bad habit is not “as bad” as some celebrities or even friends/family/people I know. But seriously, it’s just like sin. Sin is sin is sin. Everybody sins, it’s all sin in God’s eyes. No sin is bigger or smaller than other sin. It’s still sin.  Just like bad habits are still bad habits. 


Have you had a bad habit that you’ve beaten before? How did you beat it?




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