Top 5 Fictional Crushes

8 01 2012

What girl has not had a crush on some fictional character? I mean seriously. Starting when you’re super young, you watch these Disney movies about your handsome Prince Charming who comes to save the day & you fall in love with them. 


1.  Fitzwilliam Darcy – – From Pride & Prejudice by Jane Austen.  Not going to lie, I’ve never read it all the way through.  When I had to in freshman (I think) year of high school, I watched the 6 hour movie instead.  I think anyone who has ever read P&P has fallen in love with Mr. Darcy’s Character…and, I mean Colin Firth isn’t bad on the eyes either.



2. Aladdin – – from Disney’s Aladdin.  I know, Aladdin is a lot a bit weird. There’s something about that Disney movie that makes me love him. (Look at the look on his face here. Totes cute).
3. Harry Potter – – from J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter Series. He’s a wizard. He defeated “He who must not be named” as a super cute baby. Love the books, love the movies, love HP.
4. Spiderman – – What’s not to love about a man in a costume saving the world & then kissing his girl (upside down!) in the rain. 
And last, but DEFINITELY not least:
5. Seely Booth. – – David Boreanaz from Fox’s Bones. The picture says enough. *sigh*



2 responses

10 01 2012

David Boreanaz–YUM!

31 03 2012

Assef from Kite Runner… mmm ❤

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