Top Five Favorite Historical Figures

7 01 2012

Wow, really, person who created this top 5 list?  I have never ever like history class. Ever. Thankfully, the Bible is full historical figures, so I have lots to choose from. 🙂

1. Jesus Christ. Uh, Duh. Of course Jesus is my favorite historical figure. HE SAVED MY LIFE! 

2. Noah. Talk about a man who can trust God. I mean seriously, if someone came and told you to build a huge arc and take the animals two by two into it because there was going to be a huge flood that destroyed the whole world, would you do it?  Or would there be a lot a bit of hesitancy. Because I know I would have a TON of hesitancy. People would think I was crazy!  I want to trust God to a point where he tells me to do something insanely crazy and I agree “Ok, God, whatever you say.”  Not saying that I don’t trust Him, because I absolutely do, but being the sinner I am and always will be, there’s always some question in the back of my mind.

3. Paul. What a man Paul was. He traveled all around telling churches about Jesus and spreading the Good News to all he came in contact with.  He was thrown into prison, but continued to spread God’s Word. Amazing. 

4. David. I mean have you heard the David and Goliath story?  Talk about God using people. He used David in such a BIG way.  And David, trusting God and knowing that he could do anything with God on his side. He showed the Philistines whats up.

5. And to throw in a non-biblical historical figure I appreciate: Alexander Graham Bell. I mean hello, he created the phone. 


Are there historical figures you appreciate?  




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