Top 5 things that happened to you in the past year

6 01 2012

Wow, what a great “Top 5.” SO much happened to me this past year, it’ll be hard to narrow it down to 5. But I will. And, I’ll add some pictures too!


1.  Moved to our new (duplex) house April 28th.

Home Sweet Home (it looks so much better now)

2. Graduated College on May 7th.

Graduation Day. Howard Payne University May 2011

3. Got MARRIED to my best friend on May 28th.

My love, my best friend!

4. Spent the best time ever on my Honeymoon to Jamaica, Cayman Islands, and Cozumel with my HUSBAND. 🙂

Honeymoon of my dreams with my Dream Man

5.  Spent a week at Kids Camp in Palacios, followed by a weekend at a condo in Port A with Stephen’s side of the family, followed by a week of Youth Camp at Zephyr, followed by a 3 day break, and then another 2 weeks of Kids Camp at Zephyr.  So much fun.  So tired after those weeks.

Me at Youth Camp, Day One




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